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Catering Menu

Catering Menu

$27.99 Per Person

Our Catering Menu Includes:
1 Salad, 3 Appetizers, 4 Entrees Includes Soda and Coffee and Dessert Service
Tax and Gratuity Additional

Add Ons
Additional $10 per person for tap beer and wine.

Children (Under 10)
$10.99 Per Child
Kids Menu Available

Salad (Choose 1)

Appetizers (Choose 3)

Entrees - (Choose 4)

From the Sea - From the Land

Vegetarian Option

Cold Starters

Hot Starters (1/2 Trays)

Popei’s Sauces To Go

Hot Entrees

All Prices For 1/2 Tray’s Feeds Approximately 4-6 People

Raw Seafood by the Pound at Fresh Market Prices

Cooked Seafood for the Holiday